The Ministry of Education came up with the idea of launching the Wuertzschatz campaign to bring the Luxembourgish language to life through its colourful, humorous and creative idioms.

Identity Design
Poster Design
Education & Cultural
A graphic concept had to be developed around a series of 10 posters and a website to encourage the public to participate in the collection of idiomatic expressions in Luxembourgish. The initiative should be fun, interactive and aimed at a wide audience: the expressions are not only illustrated but also translated into 4 languages. The main idea was to create a series of animated posters that would also work in print. With a strong, attractive design, a unique colour palette and a dynamic graphic approach, we tried to capture the attention of the viewer and encourage them to visit the website to take part in the collection of expressions. The campaign was disseminated via social networks, bus shelter posters, print and digital. The website also featured an online voting system for the most popular expression, as well as a call for participation to add other expressions. The campaign attracted a high level of participation. More than 3,000 expressions were suggested by visitors to the website.
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